Technical Information

To use the Silesian Digital Library to its fullest potential it is recommended to install the latest versions of the Internet browsers. The following minimal requirements are:

  • Mozilla 1.0
  • Netscape Navigator 4.0
  • Internet Explorer 4.0
  • or other compatible with the above.

Some publications require Java Virtual Machine by Sun Microsystems, which can be downloaded from here.

In order to view the DjVu images it is necessary to download the DjVu Plug-in. It is worth noting that DjVu allows to improve the picture display quality (by choosing Help from the right button pop-up menu, then Preferences and Color Correction), and to magnify the part of the image. To use the magnifying glass functionality keep the Shift key pressed while moving the mouse cursor on the image (if the Ctrl key is selected as a “hot key” in Hyperlink Preferences of the option Display in Preferences, to show all hyperlinks on the page) or the Ctrl key (if the Shift key is selected).

The SDL Staff
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